The latest release of the People Power game includes dozens of improvements and enhancements which make it more interesting, more fun, relevant, and challenging. As of October 15, 2015, this new edition, with all scenarios and the scenario builder application are now free of charge.

Users who downloaded the game prior to 14 October 2015 must un-install the earlier version before installing this one (v.f121). If you attempt to install v.f121 before removing the previous installation, you will receive an error message.

The current game download package includes all four updated scenarios, with additional tactics, better news items, and tactic results which are more variable and better-integrated with the state of play. Updated scenarios are less predictable. The regimes can push back harder and the player has more to work with.

DON’T FORGET: The Scenario Builder tool is available on the scenarios page. This software allows you to create your own scenarios – whether fictional, or based on actual conflicts (such as the U.S. civil rights movement or Gandhi’s Indian independence movement). You can also design a scenario based on a present-day, ongoing civil resistance struggle anywhere in the world. Designing a scenario requires serious effort and takes time, but it offers a chance to develop more advanced skills.